Thu, 20 Dec 2007

gShuffle 0.1

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My significant other bought an iPod shuffle for herself. She sometimes does that. I mean, buy things without checking whether it works undel Linux or not. Thus far I've managed to make them work, and this was no exeption. It was actually ridiculously easy: it shows up as a USB disk and at least GnomeVFS sees it as an iPod kind of thing. Rhythmbox can read its content, gtkpod probably works with it, and then there's gnupod and ipodshuffle.

I was not happy. I agree with the author of ipodshuffle: iPod shuffle is way too simple device to be used with gtkpod. I looked at the user interface of gtkpod for about 10 seconds to come to that conclusion. So I searched for an alternative and found ipodshuffle. Like gnupod, ipodshuffle is a command line tool to manage the files on an iPod. Basically, ipodshuffle is built on top of gnupod and adds the capability to save the files from a playlist to an iPod.

Still not satisfied. There's no way my girlfriend will memorize a single command just so she can use an iPod. And think about it, how uncool it is if the first thing you must do to manage your iPod is to fire up your favourite terminal. It must be the mother of all Linux jokes. "Your favourite terminal".

So gShuffle was born. At its 0.1 release, it's crude. It has two features: adding tracks and removing tracks. I wanted the user interface to be as simple as the device itself, while still informative. With this release I'm not quite there, but it allows my girlfriend to use her iPod. (In commercial world this would be 1.0, but fortunately we're not that hasty with Free Software.)


Download, untar, gunzip and copy the three files, and to a suitable directory of your choise (e.g. to /usr/local/bin). Hey I told you it's crude, it has no installation script at the moment.

You will need pyGtk and gnupod installed. I'm not sure about the versions.


Run 'python'. Alternatively, with Gnome it's easiest to go to "System" / "Preferences" / "Removable Drives and Media" and on the "Multimedia" tab type the above command to the "Portable Music Players" section.

Note that this version does not unmount the drive for you. You will need to do that yourself. It takes time to unmount the iPod if you have changed the content a lot.


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